Hal Hempen enjoying an evening of fishing. The Hal B. Hempen Foundation was created in September 2005 after the sudden death of Hal at the age of 39.  Hal was an avid sportsman and his passions included hunting and golf.  His charitable nature and dedication to helping others inspired us to create this not-for-profit foundation so we could continue his work. 

This Foundation provides recreational opportunities for disabled or chronically ill youth as well as providing other life enhancing opportunities to disabled or chronically ill youth. Two college scholarships for individuals who are disabled or who have overcome difficult circumstances in life are also funded through this Foundation.

To date, the foundation has turned more than $100,000 back to the Special Olympics of Illinois, the Ted Nugent Sunrize Safari Disabled Youth Hunt and various local charitable efforts.  This money is raised through donations, an annual sportsman’s raffle, and our annual golf outing.

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